Fast Guy

November 16, 2011

I started working at a departmental store in a mall when I was just 16year old. One day my eyes suddenly fell across one of my high school friends entering the same store that I worked in along with two guys who I didn’t know. After a casual “Hi” one of the guys just opened his eyes wide and just exclaimed that he really likes me and he has never met someone so gorgeous before. He even asked for my number.

His forwardness undoubtedly appeared a little strange but since I didn’t have much dating experience back then I felt flattered. Since he was a friend’s friend I didn’t see any harm in giving him my number.

Later that evening when I got back home, I found six messages from the guy on my answering machine. Now, for an experienced and matured woman these would have been the advances of a psycho but for an inexperienced teenager like me it was enough to stimulate my feelings. Hence I called him. The phone conversation went great – we both liked common things like movies and music. When he asked me out I did not refuse.

The next weekend we planned a group hangout with some of my friends and his buddy to accompany us. He made me get into a car with him while my friends and his buddy rode the other. At every opportunity he tried to hold my hand and every time we stopped at the traffic signals he tried kissing me. It was very uncomfortable and I tried to stop his advances in every way possible but he kept on talking about our so called relationship and about its future until I briefed him that I wasn’t willing to get into any serious relationship at present.

However, later that night he pulled me aside and said that he had realized that we are from the opposite poles and are not meant to date but he would want me to hook him up with one of my girlfriends. I was really disgusted and yelled at him to hook himself up! He started approaching my friend but she also refused to date him. After a long pursuit she finally gave in and agreed.

They dated for a couple of months until she realized that she had been dating a loser when at one of her parties he got wasted and started harassing me. I think he could not take my rejection and tried to avenge it.

After seeing him act like that my friend dumped him.

Worst date ever.

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