The Boyfriend who liked to Fight

November 20, 2011

I met a normal looking guy in Chicago. After two dates I still liked him and since he had paid during our previous dates we agreed that the next one will be on me.

Like usual I had 2 glasses of wine but since I was paying, my date decided not to hold himself back anymore. He had at least 8 or 9 glasses throughout the evening. While we were eating he overheard the people in the next table discussing the Middle East situation and he very loudly started to talk about how he thinks it should be settled.

I wasn’t interested in discussing politics and tried to steer the topic to somewhere else but he didn’t listen and continued until the people next table heard him. He was quite drunk and got into an argument with a few of them trying to prove his views right ant their thoughts wrong. I was utterly disgusted, so I just paid the bill and left.
When I left the last thing that I saw was my date fighting on the floor with another guy from the other table.

Worst date ever.

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