First impression don’t always last

November 16, 2011

My worst date ever happened in the freshman year in college. I met a really cute guy who lived on the same dorm floor and who in spite of being a little awkward seemed nice. Once I saw him playing a piano and after that I was hooked. We spent the entire night discussing music – it was really great! It felt like for the first time ever I had found a soul mate.
After the night of discussing music he asked me for “dinner sometime” and since I was really into him I readily accepted the offer.

To my great surprise John was at my door the following evening and I found out that by “sometimes” he meant the very next day and finding me not ready for the date he slammed the door shut. Anyways, I got myself into a dress and somehow we set off for our date.
We took the subway and got off near a local mall. It was a strange place for a date but since I was hungry and they had several restaurants it seemed like a good idea at the time. Instead of going and grabbing something to eat John decided that we should hit the shops first as he needed to buy some things. He spent nearly an entire hour in the power tools shop but he was clearly not going to buy anything.

After an hour, when I thought that we might be leaving now, he told me that he needed to collect some job applications so we had to go to almost each shop to get as many applications as possible.
After a good 3 hours we eventually went to a restaurant and luckily we were offered a seat for two immediately, may be because my hunger could be felt from the expression on my face by then. John sat right next to me and gave me a stare accompanied with a smile. I hadn’t had such a drastic dinner in my entire life, he sent back the food for at least five times and argued a lot about a soda which he had already drank. He seemed to think that it was actually not a diet cola as he had ordered. He even refused to pay for it. The waitress gave me a look of pity every time she passed by. The service was excellent but my dating experience had already turned soured by then.

At last our date ended and we went back to the dorm. John escorted me to my door and asked me for another date. This time I already knew better and I refused without even giving a second thought. I thought he would just leave, but he refused!

Worst date ever!

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