Having children at 17

November 16, 2011

When I was 17 I met a cute guy online. He was very polite and sweet which made me agree to his proposal of hanging out together. After a week of visiting parks and wondering around the city he invited me to visit his parents for dinner.

In spite of being a little nervous I decided to accept his invitation. He came to pick me up and we drove to his parents house. To my great surprise it was rather a ran down shack than a house. We went in to greet his family where I found his parents and his two sister and their children.

His father gave a sleepy look at me but didn’t really say anything. His mother asked me about what I do, where I live and what my parents do for living and so on. I told her that I belong to a conservative family and am a student in a high school. Suddenly, she interrupted me and asked, whether I have kids, it was totally unexpected and embarrassing. She went on with her views and according to her I was getting past my prime time and that I should really think of having children with her son seriously. It was disastrous; I just asked them to excuse me for a moment, as I need to talk to their son in private. I asked him to take me home right away, practically I just ran out of the door. He excused me and drove me home. I told him very clearly that I am not going to see him anymore. He seemed really surprised but there was no way I was going to have children at 17.

Worst date ever.

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