The Ex Killer

November 28, 2011

I met a guy who I’ll  call J at a farewell party of my friend. J was a reserved fellow with a daughter and a broken marriage. Since we had a common friend and he seemed alright I did not hesitate when he asked me out for a dinner. Our date was rescheduled for a couple of times and when we finally managed to meet after two weeks he thanked me for fitting him into my busy schedule. I told him that it seemed that he too was equally busy with his job and his daughter.

While we dined I came to know that his daughter went to a Christian school where J thought she was being brainwashed. Her ex-wife had often told him that he would be going to hell for not being a Christian. Religion and his ex-wife were the topic of discussion for the next 30 minutes. After eating we went for a walk on the beach to sober up. As we were walking, he returned to his favorite topic – the horrible ex-wife. J told me that she had filed charges against him so many times that he had already lost count. He said that he wouldn’t mind if we went to her place and she would hold her still and I would beat and strangle her. He would be relieved if an “accident” happened and the police would find her in a lake somewhere.

I tried hard to maintain my calm and told him that I am not a violent person. He asked me whether I too had some stories about my ex. This was the first time he was actually interested in me but by that time I was already too afraid. While we reached the parking lot he smiled, hugged me and thanked for dinner. J wanted to meet with me again but I managed to evade the topic and went into the car and literally fled from that place. Thankfully I have never seen him again.
I hope her ex is alright.

Worst date ever.

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